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5 Trends For Spring 2022!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Spring is almost here......can you believe it?! Depending on where you live, it may still feel much like winter (currently 13 degrees here in Wisconsin) But spring will still come hopefully in the next couple of months! Here are 5 fashion trends you can look forward to seeing and maybe incorporating this Spring!

1. Pantone's Color of the Year: Very Peri

This purple and blue combined color is the official color of the year! Get ready to see it on lots of clothing and accessories this spring! Is this shade not quite your favorite? No problem! Try picking a color similar such as one or two shades lighter or darker : )

2. Maxi Dresses

Hello beautiful dresses! Yes, these beautiful flowing dresses are another trend for this spring! Whether you get one for Easter, Mother's Day, or any other occasion, I would highly recommend adding one to your Spring Wardrobe!

3. Chain Link Jewelry

Whether you prefer silver or gold, chain jewelry is here for you! It was actually an accessory trend that was around last year and has decided to stay on trend this year as well! Coming in both casual and formal pieces, why not add a chain link jewelry piece to your wardrobe this year!

4. Distressed Hemlines

Start looking for hems undone, frayed, bleached, or dyed because a distressed hemline is a trend this spring! If you aren't totally sure about this trend, try finding clothing pieces that have short and subtle fraying at the bottom (like here). If you are all in, give a shark bite hem a try (like here)!

5. Platform Heel Shoes

Have you ever wanted to be a couple inches taller? Well here is your chance! Shoes with platform heels will not only make you taller but on trend this spring too!

6. Bucket Bags

Bag from TJ Maxx Similar

As you can probably guess from it's name....these purses or bags are like buckets but a lot more fashionable ; ) to carry your money, lipstick, gum, and whatever else you need to take with you wherever you go!

I hope you enjoyed learning about 5 new trends for this spring and are able to incorporate some for your Spring Wardrobe this season! For more fashion info or tips make sure you are following my Instagram page !


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