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Intentionally Raising World-Changers Part 1: Your Child's Character

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

We as moms have the opportunity to raise "good" kids or to raise world-changing children! It won't just automatically happen though, we have to be intentional in how we are raising them everyday! One thing that is very important to raising world-changers is with our children's character. Here are two things to think and pray about:

1. Character Traits

What character traits would you like to see in your child when they move out or become an adult? We need to start incorporating things in our children's lives now for the future! There are SO many great character traits but I recommend choosing 5 to focus on for right now. Think about which ones will be important as they become adults and live their own lives later on, or ones that you may already see in them but could encourage to become to their full potential. Also I highly recommend asking God which ones are important for all the purposes He has for their life! Here is an example of what 5 may look like:

5 Character Goals


  1. Loving ~towards God and others

2. Respectful ~towards God and people in authority

3. Kindness ~treating other people as people loved by God and how they would like to be treated

4. Truthful ~being honest in all areas of their life

5. Responsible ~being responsible in small things now that will result in them being responsible with their money, job, and as a parent when they are older

Now it's your turn! I encourage you and your spouse to think and pray for each child and what best 5 character traits you should focus on teaching them right now. When you have them figured out write them down so you can remember what they are! Below I have posted a simple printable pdf I created where you can write those traits and hang them up or keep them in your Bible so that you can be intentional everyday!

Download PDF • 37KB

There is one more thing that is important when it comes to children's character.

2. We as Moms need to be good examples of having good character in our lives.

We as moms have a big influence on our kids! They are looking to see what kind of character we have! Are we doing a good job of displaying love, being respectful, kind, etc.? If we want our children to have good character traits then we need to have them as well. None of us are perfect and God knows that! Thankfully He wants to work with us to be great moms to our children and to be the best example for them! We just have to ask Him for help with this! So as we look at our own lives, let's see which ones we are displaying well and ask for help with a few we struggle with : )

Let's keep on being intentional to raise world-changers everyday! I am cheering you on!



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