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Have you ever...

...looked at yourself in the mirror

and thought "I hope this looks okay"?

 You can learn what looks best on you SPECIFICALLY and what clothing pieces to have in your closet, so you are confident when you look in the mirror! And getting CONFIDENCE is what you want right? 

Danelle's Story


"..SO MUCH CONFIDENCE! The color analysis REALLY broke away all the confusion and feelings of overwhelm that I would have shopping for myself. It REALLY gave me the tools I needed to go to stores...and quickly weed through all the options to find what I know will look good on my body....I'm incredibly thankful for what you taught me, it's been a GAME CHANGER!!" 


The Virtual Personal Styling Experience

Learn how to dress confidently each day through virtual personal styling consultations!

#1 The Color Experience

#2 Personal Styling Experience

#3 Know Your Style Class

woman in outfit with heels.jpg
woman with color swatches.jpg

Learn what colors to wear to compliment your personal features and help you stand out! You will also learn what colors to wear for make up!

Never walk into your closet again wondering if your clothes work well for your body shape! 

Learn how to get clarity on what  style you are drawn to and love wearing and how to put that into every outfit you own!

"Nikki did a great job breaking down the 4 steps to finding your style. She described each step in detail which made learning easy."

 ~Stephanie M.

What if...

...learning what clothes look best on you gave you total confidence in your style?! 

Imagine, going to your closet every morning and being SO excited to get dressed

because you know everything in there looks great on you! 


My name is Nikki Hinrichs

I am a wife, mom of 3 kiddos, and a certified Christian Image Consultant. I've helped women gain confidence in their style and outfits by teaching them how to know what looks best on them. It's been amazing to see their transformations from second guessing their outfits to knowing their personal style and wearing outfits not only that they look amazing in, but feel confident in. 

The missing piece to their transformation was learning and being confident in knowing what clothes were best for them.

I'm here to help teach you so that you can experience that transformation in your style as well!


Does this sound like you?

Don't have a lot of time but want to feel confident in the clothes you are wearing?

The Color and Style Experience consultations are about 1.5 hrs. each. You will learn the foundations of how to style in those videos and then have guides to look back on. There is also one recorded style class that is about 45 minutes. So you don't have to invest a big chunk of time! 

Don't feel like you have a personal style and styling doesn't come naturally to you?

It IS in you! The best thing to do when you don't know something is to learn and be guided in that learning! You will be taught and guided on how to know what clothes specifically look best on you and how to find and bring out that personal style that is in you. 


If after our first zoom consultation (and before our second one) you are not satisfied with what you have been taught and the guides you have received, I will refund your payment(s) back to you. However I must receive notice of this WITHIN 24 hrs. of that first zoom consultation. You will not, however, receive the rest of the package (consultations, guides, etc.) after that point. 

~Virtual Color Experience ($5,000 value)

~Virtual Personal Style Experience

($5,000 value)

~Know Your Style Class

($1,000 value)

~BONUS Current season Closet Outfit Planner ($500 value)

~VIP BONUS 1 Month of Daily DM Voxer Support

~VIP BONUS 5 Personalized Graphic Outfits w/ links


Or 2 payments of $325

~Virual Color Experience

($5,000 value)

~Virtual Personal Style Experience

($5,000 value)

~Know Your Style Class

($1,000 value)

~BONUS Current season Closet Outfit Planner ($500 value)

~VIP BONUS 1 Month of Daily DM Voxer Support ($2,500 value)

~VIP BONUS 5 Personalized Graphic Outfits w/shopping links

($1,000 value)

or 2 payments of $425

  • Where will the virtual styling consultations be?
    All of the consultations will be ONLINE on Zoom.
  • When will the Styling Experiences happen?
    Once you purchase a package you will receive an email so we can schedule a time that works for both of our schedules.
  • What are the VIP perks?
    When you choose the VIP package you will receive The Virtual Color & Personal Style Experience along with: ~Me as your personal styling consultant for one month ~5 Custom graphic outfits with links based on your best colors, body shape, style, and business brand
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