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A Maxi Dress Styled 4 Ways!

If you read my previous blog post 5 Trends for Spring 2022 than you know that Maxi Dresses are definitely on trend this year! They are super easy to create outfits with so lets check how I styled one in these 4 outfits! : )

If it's still pretty chilly where you live, give this outfit a try! Here's how you can easily put this outfit together:

Step 1: Get your favourite maxi dress

Step 2: Layer with a button up cardigan

Step 3: Grab a neutral color handbag

Step 4: Put on some neutral color loafer shoes

A jean jacket layered with a dress always makes a cute outfit! I also added a cute white hat and boots to give this outfit a feminine western sort of look! Here's how to create this look:

Step 1: Grab your favourite maxi dress

Step 2: Layer a jean jacket over it

Step 3: Find a cute white hat

Step 4: Put on some cute mid calf booties

This outfit definitely says dressy and spring! Here's how to put it all together to make this beautiful look:

Step 1: Grab your favourite maxi dress

Step 2: Layer a spring or floral print kimono over it

Step 3: Fasten a black necklace around your neck

Step 4: Slip on some black wedge sandals

Last but certainly not least, this outfit says warmth and sunshine! This outfit is perfect for a beach getaway! Here's how to easily create this outfit:

Step 1: Get your favourite maxi dress out

Step 2: Grab a white or ivory beach hat

Step 3: Slip your arm into a straw-like tote

Step 4: Slip your feet into some white sandal wedges

I hope you enjoyed seeing and reading how to easily create 4 outfits using a maxi dress! For more tips like this and creating your dream capsule wardrobe, make sure you follow me on Instagram!



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