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A New Beginning in 2021!

Can you believe it is the last day of 2021?! There were long moments and quick moments this last year, but one of my favourite moments happened in July of 2021. It was the month that Moms Are Styling officially became a business! I was scared and not exactly sure how everything worked but I decided to go ahead and start it and I am sure glad I did!

So you may be wondering....why last year? What was so special about then? It has actually been quite a long journey that took me to the place of figuring out that I should start Moms Are Styling. In the past 8 or so years I tried starting 4....yes 4....businesses and although they would somewhat work for awhile, I just wasn't passionate enough about them. I had also tried the very beginnings of being an "influencer" on social media but something was missing and I ending up stopping that as well.

So I many years of trying and stopping businesses and then something happened late in 2020. Someone that I knew was offering an Image Consultant course and certification and although I had been interested in doing it years ago, at that time I was a new mom with a young baby and I knew the timing wasn't right. Fast forward 4 years and I now had 2 kids that were getting more independent and didn't take up quite as much as my time. So I prayed about it, and felt that yes now was the time take the course and get the certification!

So that's what I did! It started early 2021 and ended in March and then I took a few months to get a website up and figure out a few more business things and then started Moms Are Styling in July! It's been a year of so much learning and failing and trying to figure it all out but the peace and excitement that comes with knowing that it is the right timing and something that God has called me to is priceless!

A final thought and encouragement that I hope you can take with you is that we often times think we know timing well and a lot of times it is hard to be patient and wait. But in my 29 years I have been alive I have learned something that is true every time. God's timing is the best timing for your life! He knows you better than you know yourself and He can see the whole big picture. So if He is saying "yes" then except and act that it is your time and if not He is working on just be there waiting patiently when God says "yes"!

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