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An Introduction

Hello! My name is Nikki! Here are a few things about me:

~ I am a follower of Jesus and I strive to make Him #1 in my life everyday

~I have been married to my handsome farmer for almost 9 years

~ We have two sweet kids

~I am a stay at home mom and homeschool my oldest child

~I have always loved Fashion and got my certificate as a Christian Image Consultant (Personal Fashion Stylist) in the Spring of 2021. I then started my business Moms Are Styling in July of '21 to help moms get rid of the stress of getting dressed everyday and help create wardrobes that are simple, fun, and beautiful!

~ I have always loved Home Decor and usually have some sort of home project going on in my head or in real life

~I am SO excited to meet you and hope we can become great friends!

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